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Some Recent Postings:
- The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2014, Berlin
- DiGiCo, Clear-Com and Optocore connect via optical fibre at IBC 2014
- Genelec ships three-way Smart Active Monitors 1237A and 1238A
- Tannoy takes CMS installation speakers to the next level
- Successful Saxophone Idol to be followed by a 2014 edition
Winners and nominees for Musikmesse & Prolight + Sound International Press Award
- Bands invited to perform on Sennheiser's evolution stage at pl+s 2014
- The Seaboard Grand makes its international debut at winter NAMM
- Fender launches Pawn Shop Vaporizer amplifier
- Acquisition of Line 6 by Yamaha to be completed during January 2014
137th AES
PLAS 2014
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Einige Schlagzeilen :
- Hohner Rocket Mundharmonika in der Progressive Line
- Keilwerth setzt Internationalen Wettbewerb Saxophone Idol fort
- C3S geht als Alternative zur GEMA an den Start
- Martin Audio, DiGiCo, XTA und MC2 jetzt im Vertrieb von United-b
- Soundcraft ViSi Remote App für iPad jetzt in Version 2.0
- Roland bringt aktuelle USB Treiber für Win 8.1 und Mac OS
- Kompakter, aktiver 3-Wege Studiomonitor M3-8 von M-Audio
- Matthias Matzke im internationalen Finale des Roland V-Accordion Festivals
- Amptown System Company wird strategischer Optocore/BroaMan-Partner
Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 Synthesizer
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ViSi Remote control for iPad
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Arturia analogue synthesizer MicroBrute
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New - Neu - Updated:
- DigiTech announces free downloads for iStomp pedals
- Fender introduces Avril Lavigne Newporter acoustic guitar
- Roland releases new USB drivers for Win 8.1 and Mac OS X 10.9
- EHX introduces foot-controlled Slammi pitch-shifter with no moving parts
- Online tutorials by Fishman and Sennheiser
- elysia xfilter analogue stereo equalizer at 135th AES
- ETC's Cobalt control tools offer direct access to lights
- 'Ibiza success formula' by Pioneer and Powersoft at PLASA
- Sennheiser launches new versions of Wireless Systems Manager at ibc

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