live choir micing technique

Author Subject: live choir micing technique
Brent Posted At 20:28:23 05/11/2005
need advice. auditorium seats 7500, decay time of around 3 seconds. full band onstage with avg stage volume of 105 to 108 db with house typically at 110 db at foh. problem is 75 - 100 person choir = 25-35 wide and 3 deep, soprano, tenor, alto. i have tried several different config.s of my 6 shure ksm137 mics. 6 evenly spaced along front, 3 stereo pairs (x-y) along the front, 3 in front w/ 3 halfway back into the choir. gain before feedback is not the issue, due to relatively flat mics with relatively flat monitors and house. the problem is stage noise in the choir mics. we've tried lowering the stage volume to the disdain of the performers. we've tried lowering the choir monitor volume to the detriment of the choir performance. question... is there any way to steer a mic's pickup pattern to better aim the mic at the choir and reject other directions. positions? shields? accessories? please email your suggestions to since i may not make it back here soon. thanks in advance
Prashanta Re: live choir micing technique (Currently 2 replies)
Posted At 03:37:47 10/06/2005

I would like to learn which mic. is the best for live choir.
Reginald Holloway Re: live choir micing technique (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 13:29:21 03/15/2006

Live choir miking techniques and micropnones needed

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