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Show-Way in Italy is postponed to spring 2011

Apias (Association of Manufacturers and Importers for the Entertainment Industry) has acknowledged the demands made by the majority of Apias-member companies and postponed the Professional Entertainment Technology Exhibition Show-Way. Scheduled from February 28 to March 1, 2010, in Bergamo, Italy, the trade fair ist postponed for one year and will now take place in 2011.
Apias gives several reasons for re-scheduling Show-Way. New and different challenges and opportunities are emerging globally for all sector players. Looking at other similar situations in the past, there is also no doubt that taking part in trade fairs in hard times such as this is very unprofitable for companies.
The Show-Way Professional Entertainment Technology Exhibition will therefore return to the Bergamo trade fair in the Spring of 2011 as a trade, audio and sound exhibition. These are all sectors where undisputed top ranking companies work in Italy.
This postponement should allow sector companies to concentrate all their necessary efforts on optimizing their business during the year under way. Also, Apias wants to to organize a large show for 2011 full of innovative products and a high-profile showcase of the significant results in research and development achieved by Italian and foreign companies.
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