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API to be represented by APMG in the Asia Pacific area

API, manufacturer of high-end analogue consoles and outboard equipment, has announced that the Asia Pacific Media Group (APMG) will be its exclusive representative in the expanding Asia Pacific region. APMG will also represent JDK Audio, a new brand from API that builds high-performance analogue equipment at competitive prices - tailored to be a hit in the price-sensitive areas of the Asian markets.
"We're very excited to be working with an American brand with such a rich legacy in the pro audio industry," said Laz Harris, technical sales director at APMG. "Together with API, we are planning a very different marketing approach for Asia Pacific."
Harris said that his approach is educational. "The region is full of audio professionals who have never experienced anything other than digital technology. Our plan is to host hands-on events that will expose professionals to the sonic advantages of API's analogue topology, which adds considerable value to an otherwise all-digital production," said Harris. "The workshops will emphasize that analog and digital go hand-in-hand, and that it is possible and desirable to get the best of both worlds."
Through APMG's extensive distributor network, clients are provided with ample information, expert training and professional support. "Asia Pacific is an expanding market, with almost every country in the region showing growth," said Gordon Smart, managing director at API. "Apart from the positive general economic indicators, it is well known that the film and recording industries are likewise exploding, particularly in India, and that the entire area is host to more and more live events. And so this is a wonderful time for API to ramp up our presence and sales activity in the region. Of course, it would also be a daunting project if we undertook it alone, so we're grateful to have the expertise and experience of APMG to guide our efforts for maximum effect."
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