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Jesse Walsh launches Immediate Resource Group

Industry veteran Jesse Walsh recently announced the opening of Immediate Resource Group, full-service public relations, advertising and marketing services firm. Located in Southern California, the company will focus on providing services to professional audio and MI manufacturers.
"After working for a manufacturer the last few years, I realized I was ready to get back to what I do best ­ public relations, advertising and marketing services", says Walsh. "I recently made the decision to resurrect my old firm, Jesse Walsh Communications, which I ran for ten-years before moving to the west coast. Since this is a new endeavor I decided to change the company name to Immediate Resource Group (IRG). I think it conveys the urgency that IRG will bring to the table, responding to the clients needs, quickly and efficiently. I¹ve had the privilege of working with many of the world¹s top audio manufacturer¹s and this has given me the perspective to not only experience the diversity of corporate cultures, but to understand the common threads that make them successful."
Jesse Walsh
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