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HK Audio appoints Digistar as Malaysian reseller

Digistar is one of the strongest and best-established firms on the Malaysian technology market. Its roots date back to 1982, when it was founded by CEO Datuk Wira Lee Wah Chong under the name of Digi Enterprises. The firm started out as a system integrator specializing in audio visual and low voltage applications and PA, MATV and communications systems.
Digistar has since grown, branching out into six divisions: IPTV & E-commerce, Telecommunication & Information Technology, Total Security Systems, Broadcast Engineering (Local and Overseas), and Property & Construction The company’s experience and reliability in designing, planning, delivering and installing systems has earned it an excellent reputation. More than 200 permanent employees and over 120 freelancers keep Digistar running smoothly.
Early this year Digistar set out in search of new brands and products that it could establish on the Malaysian market. “We started talking to HK Audio at this year's ISE fair in Amsterdam," says FC Ong, Executive Director at Digistar.” HK Audio has a large product range, and these products were precisely what we had been seeking. We have worked with all the local audio visual specialists, so we were able to highly recommend products to them, for example, the Install speaker line. We are confident that we will be able to install these products for some of the projects pending within the next six to twelve months. And as far as the LUCAS series is concerned, our partnership with many dealers and our sales team will ensure these products’ success.”
According to FC Ong, “As it stands now, the HK Audio brand is not widely known here in Malaysia. We see it as our challenge to change that as quickly as possible and drive domestic sales of HK Audio products.”
HK Audio International Market Manager François Lay is looking forward to working with Digistar: "We have gained a well-established partner in Digistar with many years experience in the Malaysian market. This puts Digistar in the position to raise our products’ profile and turn HK Audio into one of the leading brands in Malaysia. We believe that with our current portfolio of products, Digistar has exactly what it takes to significantly increase HK Audio’s market shares in the Portable Sound, Install Sound and Concert Sound sectors in Malaysia.”

Datuk Wira Lee Wah Chong Datuk Wira Lee Wah Chong
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