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AES 130th Convention presents the recording legacy of Phil Spector

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Set for May 13-16 at the Novotel London West Convention Centre, the 130th AES Convention will provide international attendees with a four-day crash course in audio technology, production techniques and meaningful product developments. Exhibits will be held May 14-16. Convention Chair Peter Mapp reports that his Committee has developed a timely program of Papers Sessions, Workshops, Tutorials, Tech Tours, and Education Events, designed as invaluable assets for meeting the challenges of our rapidly evolving industry. “We anticipate an enthusiastic turnout for this Convention, and are pleased that ARPS and MPG will co-sponsor a number of special events,” Mapp said.
> As influential as he is controversial, Phil Spector created an unrivaled legacy of innovative music production techniques and, a priceless treasure of unforgettable music performances. On Sunday, May 15, 14:30 — 16:15, the AES 130th Convention will host producer/musician Barry Marshall’s presentation: Phil Spector And The Legacy of The Svengali Producer.
An in-depth exploration of Spector’s genius, the event will describe his literal creation of the role of the record producer. Marshall will trace Spector’s evolution, from his early career as an artist, his apprenticeship with Atlantic Records and Leiber & Stoller, his flowering as a producer-mogul with his Philles record label, his initial “retirement” in 1967, his re-invention as the producer of John Lennon and George Harrison and his later work with artists like the Ramones. The lecture will emphasize Spector’s evolution from the initial creation of his “Wall of Sound” through his Svengali-like approach to artist development. Numerous examples of Spector’s work will be played throughout the event.
This event is jointly hosted by the AES and the APRS, the Association of Professional Recording Services. The 130th Audio Engineering Convention will be held at the Novotel London West Convention Center, May 13-16, 2011. About 45 companies will exhibit their latest products for recording from May 14-16, 2011.
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