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Cadac strengthens R&D team considerably

As part of an ongoing and expanding investment programme by its Soundking Group parent company in new product design and engineering, Cadac has increased its R&D team at its Luton HQ to 25 personnel, taking on nine new engineers, including graduates from top universities in the UK and abroad.
Commenting on the major expansion of its R&D team, Richard Ferriday, Cadac Brand Development Manager, says, “This latest round of recruitment at Cadac is a visible indicator of the renewed energy and direction in the brand in its pursuit and integration of new technologies into console design, and the continuing commitment of our parent company, Soundking, in investing in the brand and in the UK centre of operations.”
Prior to the new intake, more than half of Cadac’s personnel were employed in R&D, that figure is now 70 per cent. R&D Director Nick Fletcher states, “These are exciting times at Cadac. We are expanding an R&D team, recognized throughout the industry for its passion and dedication to engineering excellence, by over 50 per cent. This will enable us to further exploit the cutting edge technologies embodied in our CDC four and CDC eight consoles, developing a whole new range of forward thinking and innovative products. Helping us to not just maintain but increase momentum in delivering more industry leading products as we move forward as a company.”
David Kan, CEO Cadac Holdings Ltd., adds “Soundking Group recognised Cadac represented the very best of UK audio engineering when it purchased the company back in 2009. It is in that context that our parent company continues to provide Cadac with the necessary funding and resources to fully commercially exploit its research and design heritage in the current market place.”
Cadac strengthens R&D team considerably
Cadac’s new R&D intake: (L – R) Philip Brown, FPGA Designer/Embedded Engineer; Sujtih Manuel, Embedded Engineer; Danny Wood, iOS Developer; Kelwyn Kwan, DSP Engineer; Martin Rayner, Embedded Engineer; John Harris, C Sharp Programmer; Xavier Sole, FPGA Designer/Embedded Engineer; Elif Sunar, Embedded Engineer; Muhammad Owaid, C Sharp Programmer; with R&D Director Nick Fletcher (far right)
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