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Upbeat mood at Lake Como

EVI Distributors' Meeting 2003 took place at Lake Como in Northern Italy. Over 200 participants from all over the world were wowed by 'a real flood' of new products. The climax of the event was the Awards Gala.
At the annual EVI Audio Distributors' Meeting 2003 in Como the team led by Mathias von Heydekampf (President Pro Audio Worldwide) and Wolfgang Kruse (Managing Director) were pleased to welcome around 200 participants from 50 countries t.Highlight of the four day event was the awards presentation at the spectacular gala dinner.
Commented Peter Hallstein, Product Manager of Electro-Voice: "There was a real flood of new products. The participants were palpably impressed not only by the number but also by the quality of the new products on display." "Our customers have been waiting eagerly for products like the spectacular new switch mode power amplifiers," added Dynacord's product manager, Hans Bürger, "and they were certainly worth waiting for!"

Eleven awards

The outstanding achievements of the following distributors won recognition:
-Thailand: Outstanding Hotel Installation 2003: VICHAI TRADING (Conrad Hotel)
Mathias von Mathias von Heydekampf, Wolfgang Kruse, Eric Lim (all EVI Audio), award winner Lakis Papapaschos from Omikron Control SA and Klaus Seitz (EVI Audio).
-France: Outstanding Reference in Fixed Installation 2003: .EVI France S. A. (Palais Omnisport de Paris Bercy)
-Denmark: Biggest Single XLC Deal 2003: ASCON Trading A/S (Nordic Rental A/S)
-Romania: Best Alpha Installation 2003: HSA-Audio Srl.
-The Netherlands: Special Recognition for Copyright Protection Efforts (Sx 300): Electric Audio
-Sweden: Best DYNACORD Live Event 2003: Standard Audio (Frame Factory Tour Sweden with Cobra-4)
-Norway: Best Multi-Purpose Installation West-Europe 2003: Scandec Systemer A/S ( Academy of Performing Arts)
-Ukraine: Best Multi-Purpose Installation East-Europe 2003: .TIC-TAC (Club Freedom Kiev)
-Greece: Most Olympic Venues 2003: Omikron Control SA.
-United Arab Emirates: Biggest EVID Hotel Installation 2003: N.M.K. Electronics
-Singapore: Best Cinema Installation 2003: Drego Digital Cinema
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