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TC Group announces creation of TC Group International (TCGI)

The TC Group has announced a restructuring that has resulted in the formation of a new organization known as TC Group International which will operate out of Aarhus in Denmark and Coatbridge, Scotland. The new organization, which came into being on February 1st, 2010, offers a revitalized sales and support structure based on vertical markets across all TCGI-owned brands, namely TC Electronic, TC Helicon, Lab.gruppen, Lake and Tannoy, as well as the distributed brands Dynaudio Acoustics and Blue Microphones.
All sales activity that was previously handled at individual brand level, such as order processing, and account management will now be centralized and handled at group level out of the offices in Aarhus and Coatbridge. In addition to this, all sales force and sales support activity will be organized by market segment, of which there are five in total – Installed Sound; Touring; Residential; MI; and HD (High Definition – covering broadcast, recording and post production facilities). The business model has already been adopted with great success in North America following the creation of TC Group Americas in 2009.
According to TC Group’s CEO Anders Fauerskov, the resulting benefit of implementing this strategy in America has been the inspiration for change for the rest of the world. “Clearly, our main aim in initiating such a change is to increase sales and profitability through an increase in service level to our customers, and we wouldn’t have done it without clear and irrefutable proof that the strategy works”, he commented. “I would also like to welcome Peter Bager as the CEO of TC Group International. Peter has an excellent track record with TC stretching over the past nine years, and I am convinced that TC Group International will be highly successful under his leadership.”
“This structure has been hugely beneficial for us and our partners in the US", concurred Bager. “We aim to offer the same fruits of success to all of our brands in all other territories, and of course to our valued sales partners who represent them. We believe that by acting as one team that forms a cohesive unit, we will be better able to maximise our performance than as disparate sales operations.”
“There will be a number of clear benefits to our customers emerging from this initiative”, he continued. “The fact of addressing vertical markets with all brands within the group will enable greater opportunities for offering turnkey solutions, and make us better able to address the specific needs of the markets we are in, as well as the specific needs of each customer. I am extremely excited about the prospects for the future that will be opened up by this new structure.”
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