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Ampetronic and Sennheiser join forces in Sweden

Ampetronic has appointed of Sennheiser AB as distributor of Ampetronic's product line to the Swedish market. Commenting on their appointment Christian Wollin, Sennheiser's Deputy Managing Director, said: "We are very happy to have Ampetronic on board. We believe there is a good match between our companies and our products."
Sennheiser has a reputation for working in the high-end segment of the market and their operation in the audio sector has garnered good relationships with installers all over Sweden. Sennheiser AB has also been working in the audiology sector for more than 20 years as a distributor of Siemens' hearing instruments. This combination of businesses gives them a pre-existing customer base in both sectors, and an understanding of the products that the hearing impaired use and need. "This means we can start work with Ampetronic immediately from our current customer network and distribution channels," says Wollin.
Both Wollin and Ampetronic's founder Leon Pieters believe there is a growing market for loop systems in Sweden that is driven by legislation. "There is an increasing requirement for spoken alarms as well as traditional alarm systems within public spaces," continues Wollin."And with train stations, subways, bus terminals, shopping malls and many different kinds of public buildings adopting this approach, this market can expand further."
Wollin adds: "If we look at the end user and hearing aid manufacturers, the end user already has the technology in their hearing aids to enable them to utilize loop systems, so it will be a long time before anything takes over from loops. Ampetronic also seems to have solved some of the inherent problems of magnetic fields, making it possible to install loop systems in adjacent rooms without spill being an issue.
"It is important to us to distribute a premium product and reliability is vital. There's a general trend towards an increased customer interest in assessing product life cycle costs, but Ampetronic has a strong solution that lasts a long time. We think it's a mistake to buy a cheap product. If it doesn't work that well you have maintenance issues, so your cheap solution suddenly becomes an expensive ongoing cost. Ampetronic gives a five-year warranty on all their products and, apart from that show of confidence, there are statistics to show that they last. In the end, the premium price product is usually cheaper for the customer."
Ampetronic and Sennheiser had their first experience of working together at the LLB show - an association of audio, lighting and imaging companies specifically for the Swedish market. Leon Pieters was in attendance giving seminars on the principles of induction loop system design. "We are very happy that Leon has taken the time to come here," concludes Wollin. "He is a very competent person and has founded a company that is the market leader. The technology Leon has introduced, and that has been used in Ampetronic's products for a long time, is only now coming into other products. Leon's presence at LLB has helped to give confidence to our customers in both his products and the manufacturer behind them."
10/2005 Pro-Music-News
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