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FBT appoints Luigi Paoloni as export manager

FBT Elettronica S.p.A. announces the appointment of Luigi Paoloni as export manager for Central-South America, Africa (except north), East Europe extra EEC countries. Luigi Paoloni has spent seventeen years at Proel S.p.A. where he experienced the international sales department management, witnessing the whole company's history.
Paoloni comments: "I am looking forward to developing our brands in Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe. FBT manufactures almost all its entire production in Italy, covering the complete production cycles at our plant in Recanati, near Ancona. FBT's organisation includes total product design, engineering and manufacturing in Italy and I am looking forward to bring my contribution to the future success."
Luigi Paoloni joins forces with the FBT's export managers Roberto Mataloni, handling East EEC Europe, North Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Oceania, and Mauro Zazzini handling Europe and North America. The three managers are in charge of the company's export sales for the entire portfolio, including FBT Pro Audio, FBT Audio Contractor, Qube Sound Products, Kempton Essential Sound, Cicognani guitar and bass amplification.
Luigi Paoloni
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