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Eminence Speaker establishes Eminence Dongguan

Eminence Speaker LLC announces the establishment of Eminence Dongguan. Located in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong, Dongguan is strategically located 56 miles from Shenzhen to the south and 31 miles from Guangzhou to the north. It is only 62 miles from Hong Kong. The location is ideal for exporting and for shipping loudspeakers to any destination within China.
According to Eminence President, Rob Gault, "Eminence wanted the ability to provide OEM customers with an affordable, quality, name-brand loudspeaker component for their Pacific Rim manufacturing efforts. We are aggressively and specifically seeking out new business or business we've lost due to pricing or logistical considerations. We are confident this new capability solidifies Eminence as the single, best loudspeaker component for pro sound and musical instrument applications."
Gault is also quick to state, "We are not moving our manufacturing to Asia; we are adding manufacturing capability in Asia. Eminence USA will provide administrative, sales and engineering support functions for both factories. Eminence USA is enjoying considerable success from OEM sales and branded product distribution both in domestic and international markets. We have no reason to believe that these segments of our business will not continue to grow."
Production will commence at Eminence Dongguan on March 1, 2006. The initial capacity of the facility will be 1,000 pcs per day. "We are confident that by implementing our proven assembly processes and quality control in our Dongguan facility, we can assure our customers the same quality and on-time delivery they have come to expect from our Eminence USA factory", says Gault.
Gault also announced the opening of Eminence, Shanghai; a representative office staffed with bi-lingual representatives who will act as liaisons between Asian customers, vendors, and the two Eminence manufacturing facilities.
09/2005 Pro-Music-News
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