Working Musicians Control What They Hear on Stage
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Shure PSM 400Shure Incorporated is now shipping the PSM 400 Personal Monitor System and the P4M Personal Monitor Mixer. Shure's PSM 400 and P4M are affordable products that make it possible for working musicians to gain control of what they hear onstage by creating personal, in-ear monitor mixes. The new products are being sold in complete Personal Performance Packs and as individual components to allow musicians to build their own systems.
The PSM 400 provides an alternative to traditional floor wedge monitoring and shares the hallmarks of Shure's family of high quality, professional PSM systems. The new system, like its predecessors, offers a personal mix free of unwanted stage sounds, individual volume and balance controls, a freedom of movement that releases performers from standing in only one spot onstage, and an ease of portability. Furthermore, PSM systems, when used properly, can aid performers in hearing conservation. These benefits are further enhanced by the P4M mixer, which brings complete control of the in-ear mix right to the stage.
"Personal monitors have been so incredibly successful that you rarely spot a touring performer going onstage without being plugged into earphones," said Steve Johnson, Vice President of Marketing for Shure Incorporated.
The PSM 400 Personal Monitor features, personal volume and balance controls, mono, stereo,and MixMode operation, LCD screen with battery gauge, sixteen UHF frequencies (wireless unit), high-frequency equalization, selectable, built-in limiter, and half-rack size.
The P4M Mixer has four mic/line input channels (each with its own level and balance controls), four XLR split outputs, tri-color input meters per channel, a pair of ¼-inch balanced mix inputs(which can be used to add channels from a house console), a pair of ¼-inch balanced aux outputs and half-rack size.
Individual PSM 400 components, which can be purchased separately to build your own system, include P4R Wireless Receiver, P4T Wireless Transmitter, P4HW Hardwired Personal Monitor, P4M Personal Monitor Mixer, and E1 Single Earphone.
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