TL Audio unveil FAT 2 Valve Front End

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Following the success of the Fatman FAT 1 stereo valve compressor, TL Audio launched the second model in the Fatman range - the FAT 2 Valve Front End - at the 2001 Frankfurt Musikmesse.
The FAT 2 couples a mono version of the FAT 1 valve compressor with a high quality onboard discrete valve mic preamp - making it the ideal 'front end' for any audio system. Like the FAT 1, fifteen preset compression settings are available, including five vocal programs and a wide range of instrument settings including electric and acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards and drums.
A 'Manual' setting brings into operation threshold, ratio, attack, release and hard/soft knee controls, allowing the user to create their own compression settings from scratch. In addition to the mic input (which  features phantom power and a 90Hz low cut filter), instrument and line  inputs are also provided - making the FAT 2 suitable for processing any  sound source. Metering of output level or gain reduction is provided via a large back-lit VU meter, and power is provided via a high quality internal mains supply.
Like the FAT 1, the FAT 2 is packaged in a distinctive 3U half rack format  which is suitable for stand alone use or rack mounting via TL Audio's optional FatRack 19" rack kit.
Sales and Marketing Manager Howard Jones comments: "The plug-and-play approach of the Fatman compressor has really caught on in  a big way, so it seemed natural to offer a 'vocal processor' product as a follow up in the Fatman range. Anyone who likes the idea of a great sounding easy-to-use valve front end for their recording or live sound system should check out the FAT 2 - signal processing just doesn't get any easier than  this!"

TL Audio Fatman tube processors are sold in the US under the HHB brand name.

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