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HK Audio Cohedra Compact for smaller venues

Cohedra Compact von HK Audio Launched in late 2004, HK Audio's Cohedra Compact system has been designed to make the Cohedra technology available for smaller applications such as fixed installations and live shows at medium sized venues. Designed for rock'n roll-approved roadworthiness the 50cm by 26cm by 32.5cm cabinets weigh in at 16.9kg. Enhanced near-field projection and the combination of AcousticLens technology and a 100 CD horn provide uniform sound dispersion, achieving the best possible coverage throughout the audience area.
Using Cohedra Compact as a nearfill, outfill or centre array, it's a perfect companion for a larger Cohedra FOH line array system allowing one common mix for both systems. Optional accessories include flying and stacking frames as well as flight cases with optimised truckload measures to guarantee easy handling.
04/2005 Pro-Music-News
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