Performance Gear for the budget-conscious musician
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Shure Incorporated unveiled its new and extremely affordable Performance Gear microphones at Winter NAMM 2002. The line, which is due to ship in the first quarter of 2002 and also will be showing at Musikmesse /Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt, Germany, is aiming at both the first-time buyer and the musician looking for reasonably-priced, application-specific microphones. Comprised of six models designed for vocals and various instruments, all Performance Gear microphones come packaged with cables and mounting accessories to provide plug-and-play simplicity, as well as rugged reliability for onstage performance. As a complement to its individual models, the Performance Gear line additionally includes a pair of drum mic kits, both of which come in their own carrying cases.
Shure Performance Gear Microphones Vocal models include the PG48 and PG58. The PG48, created for speech and karaoke, has a cardioid pick-up pattern and a smooth frequency response. For more demanding vocal applications such as lead and back-up vocals, the PG58 offers a more tailored frequency response, a tighter cardioid pattern, an internal shock mount to further reduce handling noise, and a dent-resistant hardened ball grille. Both models feature die-cast metal housings with a black matte finish and on/off switches.
A versatile microphone designed to be utilized with either amplified or acoustic instruments, the dynamic PG57 is equally at home on a guitar amps, brass, or saxophone. Also created for instrument use, the sensitive PG81 is a condenser mic offering a flat response curve for detailed reproduction of acoustic instruments and overheads.
The PG52 and PG56 are two dynamic models built for drums which feature integral swivel mounts. Tuned to capture the low-end punch of kick drums, the PG52 can also be used on bass guitar amps, while the compact, low-profile PG56 is optimized for close-miking applications such as snare drums and rack/floor toms.
Performance Gear drum microphone kits, PGDMK4 and PGDMK6, contain pre-packaged selections of four and six microphones, respectively. Both value-priced kits include A50D drum mounts, cables, and a lightweight, durable carrying case.
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