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AKG introduces first computer-controlled in-ear monitoring system

At winter NAMM show 2008 AKG Acoustics debuted an upgraded version of its HiQnet System Architect software running AKG’s HUB 4000 Q Network Concentrator, enabling exciting new possibilities for audio system networking and control. This software now allows the AKG IVM 4 and the HUB 4000Q network concentrator to create the world’s first computer-controlled in-ear monitoring system.
The Harman HiQnet system enables compatible components from different Harman Pro Group manufacturers to be connected to the same network through standard computer interface devices, including wireless. The System Architect software offers a single graphic user interface for the HiQnet network, through which users can control and configure complex audio systems. Convenient monitoring tools enable control over all connected audio devices. The HUB 4000 Q empowers the SST4 (IVM 4) wireless in-ear transmitter and the SR4000 (WMS 4000) wireless receivers with full HiQnet functionality, so now, when these systems are connected to the HUB 4000 Q, they can be fully controlled over a HiQnet network through the new software.
With the software update installed, several HUB 4000 Qs can be hooked together to control a large wireless system. For the first time, the IVM 4 and WMS 4000 can be used and controlled on the same network. The new Auto Setup gives users quick tools for easy RF frequency configuration. It covers both device types and makes system setup child’s play.
A new, easy-to-use graphic interface allows users to easily control and monitor parameters from a single window — even across multiple HUB 4000 Q units. Each AKG device on the network is represented by its own dedicated channel strip on the HUB 4000 Q window. A new Frequency Graph visually illustrates the RF environment on the network. Rapid environment scans immediately send data to the Frequency Graph, on which users can zoom in and see individual devices’ RF frequencies and all operating parameters. The improved Frequency Graph provides a great graphic overview in amazing clarity. Once all parameters have been established, settings for individual devices, single or multiple HUB 4000 Qs can be saved and loaded from the PC. Additionally, Hub 4000 Q settings can be edited and configured offline and easily synced to online devices.
“This HUB 4000 Q HiQnet software upgrade for System Architect adds a whole new level of functionality to our already popular HiQnet system,” explained Thomas Umbauer, Product Manager, AKG Acoustics. “Combining wireless capabilities with easy, all-encompassing interface options, the new features offered will give engineers and performers the freedom to focus on what they do best—creating great sound.”
In the future, the software will be continuously updated with new features, making the HUB 4000 Q increasingly valuable without any additional cost to the end user. When combining a HUB 4000 Q enabled with the newest HiQnet software and AKG wireless systems, users arrive at a perfect solution that offers incredible control, ease-of-use, and great value for everyone looking to achieve optimum sound.
Hub 4000 Q window
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