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Neumann microphone capsules for Sennheiser 2000 series

At Prolight+Sound 2012, Neumann launched the capsule heads KK 204 (cardioid) and KK 205 (supercardioid) for the Sennheiser 2000 Series wireless system. Neumann capsule heads combined with Sennheiser handheld transmitters are an acknowledged match among wireless microphone systems.
Wolfgang Fraissinet, President of Neumann: “Neumann capsules have already been used in combination with the Sennheiser SKM 5200 handheld transmitter for the past 10 years on some of the largest stages of the world, where the highest demands are placed on a high-resolution sound and transmission reliability. With the development of the KK 204 and KK 205 capsule heads, the Neumann sound is now also available for the Sennheiser 2000 Series. The synergies between the key areas of expertise of Sennheiser handheld transmitters and Neumann capsule sound permit us to offer our customers a wireless system of absolutely uncompromisingly quality, even for the most demanding live applications."
The acoustic features of the KK 204 and KK 205 capsule heads are derived from the wired Neumann stage microphones KMS 104 and KMS 105. The KK 204, with a cardioid directional characteristic, was designed to provide high suppression of sound originating from 180° to the rear, while the supercardioid KK 205 features greater directivity, and maximizes incident sound from the front as compared to sound from the rear. Due to the 'single polar pattern design', the polar patterns are very uniform over the entire frequency range, thus providing the basis for excellent resistance to feedback.
In the development, particular importance was placed on the effective damping of pop sounds and handling noise, as well as on an extremely low level of self-noise. The KK 204 and KK 205 capsule heads thus have a wide dynamic range. In addition, they are designed to be very easy to service.
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