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Sennheiser launches large diaphragm true condenser vocal microphone

Sennheiser is launching a fantastic addition to the world of microphones at prolight+sound: not only is the evolution e 965 the audio specialist’s flagship product within the successful evolution range, it is also its first large-diaphragm true condenser microphone.
“The e 965 is an outstanding vocal mic for enhancing the evolution 900 range,” explains Stephan Scherthan, Industry Team Manager for the music industry. “A completely new capsule architecture was designed for the e 965. It produces a very detailed, yet warm, full sound, and offers the mic optimal protection from humidity, so that it’s rock-solid even during very heavy stage use.” A wide frequency range, extensive dynamics and extremely low distortion make the large-diaphragm microphone stand out from the crowd.
The e 965 benefits from a dual-diaphragm transducer, allowing it to be switched between cardioid and super-cardioid pick-up patterns. When the volume on the stage is loud, for example, the vocalist can select the tighter pattern. For high sound pressure levels, a pre-attenuation of -10 dB can be switched on. A low-cut filter effectively eliminates impact noise and reduces the low-frequency overemphasis during close miking. Handling noise is efficiently reduced by the shock-mount design, while an integrated pop shield and windshield make the microphone very user-friendly. “It really is a fantastic mic for lead singers,” says Scherthan. “The e 965 links the high-performance live sound of the evolution range with the high-definition sound of a large-diaphragm true condenser mic.”
The evolution e 965 will be available in stores towards the end of summer 2008.
Sennheiser evolution e965 large diaphragm true condenser microphone
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