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Lewitt ships handheld touring microphones MTP 940 CM and MTP 840 DM

At Winter NAMM 2013, Austrian microphone manufacturer Lewitt unveiled its MTP Live Series flagship microphones, the MTP 940 CM condenser microphone and the dynamic MTP 840 DM. Both models boast wide-ranging features and impressive performance specifications. The microphones started shipping in fall 2013.
The MTP 940’s comprehensive features include three switchable polar patterns – wide cardioid, cardioid and supercardioid to match a range of applications from lead vocals to choirs and on to classic unplugged situations with a singer and an acoustic instrument. A three-step high-pass filter allows for limiting the influence of the proximity effect. The three-position switchable preattenuation also allows use in extreme SPL environments. The externally biased large-diaphragm MTP 940 CM features a 135 dB dynamic range with a very low self-noise level of 9 dB.
With its excellent transient response, refined electronics and an advanced capsule design, Lewitt recommends the dynamic MTP 840 DM as a professional tool for onstage use featuring a frequency curve which is specially tailored for vocals. Like the condenser model, the dynamic MTP 840 DM offers a three-step high-pass filter and a three-position switchable amplifier.
The LEDs on both microphones make checking the numerous settings an easy matter even in the dark. The LED light can be switched off. The extremely stable and rugged construction is designed to stand the roughest touring conditions.
Lewitt LEMPT940CM
Lewitt MPT 940 CM condenser microphone
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