Digitally controlled musicians' audio system by HK Audio

Launched at ProLight + Sound 2004 in Frankfurt, Germany, HK Audio's D.E.A.CON is fully digital audio system for musicians features Digital Dynamics Optimisation (DDO) technology delivering natural dynamics and loudness correction at any level.
The mid/high cabinet with a 12" speaker and a 2" driver is powered by an 600 Watts RMS digital amp. The top units also house the digital controller for the complete system. Protection circuitry ensures the reliability.
The DuoTilt pole mount adapter, the D.E.A.CON Tilt Unit or M10 flying points allow for optimum alignment. The top unit can also be switched to full-range mode work stand-alone cabinet in smaller venues.
SUB A features a 1000 Watts RMS digital power amp run by the DDO controller in the satellite. Additionally the passive subwoofer SUB B can be connected for more powerful bass reproduction at a total power of 3200 Watts RMS. Two D.E.A.CON systems can be combined easily. The mid/high cabinets are shaped to be aligned in the correct angle for more output without cancellations or comb filter effects.
At Plasa 2004, London, booth G110, the Deacon has its UK debut.
D.E.A.CON digital live audio system by HK Audio
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