Spanish manufacturer Vieta enters the pro-audio market

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One of Spain's most established and respected audio equipment manufacturers, Vieta, made its debut as a pro-audio manufacturer at the 2004 ProLight + Sound show in Frankfurt. This year celebrating its 50th anniversary, Vieta has achieved leading market share in consumer audio, in-car audio and professional audio distribution in Spain. With the launch of four ranges of sound reinforcement products, this is the first time that Vieta design technology is being seen in the pro-audio sector.
Vieta launches its pro-audio division with a fully integrated portfolio, with models for every SR application from live performance to permanent installation. The range extends from ceiling speakers to 15" 2-way enclosures, plastic as well as plywood cabinets, a full selection of sub-bass units and Vieta's proprietary processor technology.
There are in fact 3 ranges of loudspeaker products: the VT Series, the VI Series and the VD Series, all of which have been designed in Spain by Vieta's Chief Designer Jordi Hernŕndez, formerly front-of-house engineer for Jose Carreras. The Head of Engineering is Josep Tresserra, who has 17 years of experience in directing the manufacture of Vieta products.
The VT Series includes three bass-reflex 2-way passive loudspeaker systems in trapezoidal-shaped cabinets, constructed from reinforced birch plywood. Excellent horizontal and vertical sound dispersion is achieved through the inclusion of a 1" high-frequency transducer with a neodymium driver comprising an asymmetrical rotable horn, and a high quality low-frequency driver in 8", 12" and 15" formats.
Designed to satisfy the requirements of a wide range of sound engineering applications, including music bars, night-clubs, theatres and live performances. The VS-112 and VS-118 subwoofers deliver extended low-end frequency, and the proprietary-design VDC processor considerably extends system versatility in terms of dynamics and control.
Vieta VT series
Vieta's VI Series comprises five high performance passive speakers, specifically designed to ensure accurate sound reproduction in widely differing types of acoustic spaces, such as auditoriums, theatres, pubs, discotheques, and shopping centres. Their discrete design enables them to be easily integrated within differing styles of décor. All models are both acoustically and mechanically resilient.
Vieta seriesOf the five models, three (VI-5, VI-8, and VI-10) are compact two-way monitors for use in high quality ambient sound reproduction, live music and any type of sound reinforcement environment, either in mobile or fixed applications. The models VI-42 and VI-54 are full-range compact monitors appropriate for diverse sound reproduction needs.
Complementing these five models are the subwoofers VS-110 and VS-210, designed for applications which require a wider range and a more punchy low-end. Adding the optional 100V line kit enables the speakers (except the VI-42) to function with 100 to 70 volt line installations.
The VD Series is a range of advanced technology modular, compact, high power loudspeaker modules tailored for a wide range of touring and installed sound reinforcement applications; large scale touring or installed PA for clubs, A/V, theatre and houses of worship. The VD Series include the VD-15 and VD-10 coaxial hornloaded full-range cabinets, exhibiting true constant directivity and tight focus; VDS-3, VDS-2 and VDS-1 are sub-bass units to fly or stack, providing extremely high SPL for extended bass requirements. The VC Series Vieta's range of VC in-ceiling and in-wall mounting speakers deliver high-efficiency full-range performance within appealing budgetary parameters. The three models in the VC range are all available with optional integrated 70-100V line transformers.
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