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Audix introduces next generation of Micros series

Audix Micros M1250 and M1280 The Audix Micros Series, the world’s smallest condenser microphones with integrated preamp and detachable cable, continue to evolve and break new ground. In addition to providing discrete miking solutions for presentations, theatre, symphony, and a wide array of musical instruments, the Micros, in conjunction with the MicroBoom, set the performance standard for choir and overhead miking.
The newest members of the Micros Series are the M1250 and M1280, both of which feature newly designed circuitry with immunity from RF interference caused by cell phones and GSM devices. The M1250 is 50mm (2”) in length, 12mm (.5”) in diameter and 17 grams (.6 oz) with a frequency response of 80Hz to 20kHz, while the M1280 is 90mm (3.5”) in length, 12mm (.5”) in diameter, and 28 grams (1 oz) with a frequency response 40Hz- 20kHz providing extended bass response. Each body is precision machined out of brass at the Audix factory, finished in a durable black (or white on some models) e-coat, and laser etched with model and serial number.
Each model has four four interchangeable capsules to choose from – cardioid, hypercardioid, omni-directional, supercardioid (shotgun) - depending upon the application, sound system, or stage requirements. he Micros, with an exceptional SPL handling of 150 dB, can be utilized to pick up any type of musical instrument, including drums and percussion. A self noise of 21 dB (A weighted) and a dynamic range of 129 dB make the M1250 and M1280 suitable for studio and broadcast as well as live sound. Phantom power of 48 to 52 volts is required for operation.
The Micros are available individually or as part of the MicroPod and MicroBoom Series. The MicroPods consist of 6-inch 152mm), 12-inch (304mm), and 18-inch (457mm) goosenecks for use with podium or conference/board room application. A weighted and shock-absorbent base with lighted on-off switch (ATS-10) is optionally available.
While the M1250 and M1280 can be used as overhead hanging microphones with the supplied hanging clip accessory, the MicroBoom is the perfect solution for portable overhead miking. The MicroBoom, a 50-inch carbon fiber boom arm weighing just 2.5 ounces (78 grams), can be mounted to any standard microphone stand. Without any remote power supplies to worry about, the MicroBoom is easy to set up and keeps the stage looking clean and professional. A typical 50-75 person choir can be miked with just 3 MicroBooms. The MicroBoom can also be utilized with the Audix pedestal mic stand (STAND-MB) for presentations and zone miking applications.
The Micros are provided with a proprietary 25’ cable (XLRm to mini-XLRf ), a mic stand adapter, a hanging clip, a foam windscreen, and a carrying pouch. There are a wide variety of clips and accessories adapting the Micros to various instruments including drums, percussion, saxophone, and piano. The Micros meet the standards for CE and RoHS compliance.
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