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Sennheiser introduces jury members for sound logo competition

Short and catchy, a melody which sticks in your memory – this is what an acoustic logo should sound like. After the launch of the Sennheiser sound logo contest at the NAMM show in Anaheim on 17 January 2008, professional and amateur musicians alike are busy composing sound logos for the audio specialist. At prolight+sound in Frankfurt, Sennheiser introduced the members of the contest jury: Paul Sandweiss, one of the best sound designers in the USA; Jon Thornton, Head of Sound Technology at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts; Prof. Dr. Jörg Sennheiser, Chairman of the Supervisory Board; and Susanne Seidel, President of Global Marketing at Sennheiser. The fifth voice will be the result of the vote which will take place on the sound logo website from mid-August. “We are absolutely thrilled to have Paul Sandweiss and Jon Thornton on the jury, true audio professionals in the fields of sound design, studio work and sound engineering,“ said Susanne Seidel when announcing the jury members.
Paul Sandweiss is one of the most famous sound designers in the United States. From the American Music Awards and the Grammys, to the MTV Music Awards – Sandweiss has mixed nearly all music industry highlights for broadcasting. With his company Sound Design Corporation, based in Los Angeles, Paul Sandweiss focuses on post-production for customers including NBC, HBO and CBS, working mainly on music specials about stars such as Céline Dion, Cher, Janet Jackson and Tim McGraw. And he is also involved in supporting young talent: every week, Paul mixes the live performances for American Idol on Fox.
“I look forward to helping judge what should turn out to be an amazing international competition to create a sound logo that identifies with, and brands the quality of Sennheiser’s sound products,” said Paul Sandweiss. “Sennheiser is known for its wide array of professional audio products, from in-ear monitors and RF microphones, to hard-wired microphones for any audio application. I don’t think there is a television show in production that doesn’t rely on Sennheiser’s expertise: from American Idol and the American Music Awards, to the Grammy Awards – Sennheiser is on hand to help artists shape their sound.”
He’s an audio expert who crossed into the education world: for the last 12 years Jon Thornton has been the Head of Sound Technology at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, teaching the university’s international students all there is to know about studio work, live shows and miking and mixing. Before he started teaching at the Institute, which was founded by Mark Featherstone-Witty and Sir Paul McCartney, Jon Thornton worked in various recording studios and TV post-production companies in London and Newcastle. Additionally, he contributes articles to trade magazines, and tests products for major audio companies on a regular basis. “I’m passionate about audio,” said Jon Thornton. “Working with it and crafting it into art forms that can inspire, move and delight people has always been a big part of my life. And I’m passionate about teaching young people and preparing them for a career in the fast-changing.
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