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Røde launches M2 vocal condenser microphone for live applications

The M2 benefits from Røde’s extensive experience in crafting premium condenser microphones for studio, live and location, building upon the foundation set by the Røde S1. Providing sound quality equal to that of a studio microphone, the M2 features a tailored response to reduce feedback, as well as an integrated shock mounting system to minimise handling noise. A locking on/off switch located on the microphone’s body provides the switching feature required by singers with self-operated sound systems, and yet can be locked off when used in larger, dedicated operator environments.
“In the past, sound professionals have been hesitant to use condenser microphones for live applications due to their fragile nature and their susceptibility to feedback. I wanted to change that perception.” explained Peter Freedman, President of Røde Microphones. “By combining studio sound quality in a rugged, feedback-free package the new Røde M2 will do just that.”
M2 condenser microphone by Rode
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