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AKG upgrades hard- and software to DMS 700 V2

At InfoComm11 in Orlando, Florida, Harman has launched AKG’s DMS700 V2 digital wireless microphone system. With a 512 Bit encryption, low 3.5 latency and a new DPT700 bodypack, DMS700 V2 offers artists and engineers latest technology for reliable performance. DMS 700 V2 improves the link quality and increases the working range of the transmitters and receivers.
Users with the original DMS 700 wireless system can easily update their units through a software and hardware update. The free software update includes the 512-Bit encryption, AES EBU output and 0.5 ms improved latency, improved link quality and range improvements and output gain menu with a bargraph and ability to deactivate autolock. The hardware upgrade ups the latency analog output by 1 ms, increases the DPT 700 microphone input gain 0, +10 and +20 dB and increases headphone output level 24 dB.
“AKG DMS700 V2 is the next step in our pursuit of the perfect, flawless audio signal transmission,” stated Wolfgang Fritz, product marketing manager – tour sound, AKG. “V2 offers the audio professional ease of use, quick setup and reliable operation in this demanding industry, even in the most challenging environments. We are happy to offer our dedicated artists the DMS700 V2 so their audiences receive nothing but the best, clearest sound.”
Originally introduced at Winter NAMM show 2009, AKG also showcased its DMS 700 digital wireless microphone system at prolight+sound show 2009 in Frankfurt, Germany, and at at InfoComm 2009 in Orlando, Florida. Offering users a feature set including digital audio encryption, wide tuning range and high channel count in a simple to use 19” chassis, the DMS 700 is designed for live sound reinforcement, conference facilities, courtrooms and houses of worship. It is a wireless solution designed for the future as it operates with two frequency bands with each band providing a tuning range of up to 155 MHz of receivers and transmitters giving the user extended flexibility in today’s crowded RF environment.
The clean digital audio transmission eliminates the distortion and significant noise levels at the higher audio frequencies that is typically produced by analogue systems. The encrypted digital audio transmission enables users to broadcast sensitive audio information and each channel can be secured with its own encryption key to keep the information absolutely confidential.
Featuring the ability to operate up to 100 channels simultaneously, the digital audio transmission system provides a better resistance to interference from other transmissions and an infrared link between receiver and transmitter offers a quick system setup for easy and user-friendly operation.
The 1U 19” rack mountable DSR 700 digital receiver features encryption and 155 MHz tuning range ensuring future operation. The internal digital signal processor provides an array of audio features such as a low cut, 3-Band Equalizer, dbx compressor and dbx limiter. The built in spectrum analyzer displays the frequency range to enhance the operation and control of the radio spectrum. The DSR 700 features Harman HiQnet allowing it to be networked with Crown amps and JBL speakers and other Harman Products whilst also allowing for easy software updates of all system components.
The DHT700 handheld transmitter has a rugged metal housing, a built-in helical antenna and 50mW RF output power for optimal and reliable transmission. The DHT 700 features AKG’s D5 dynamic microphone capsule for lead and backing vocals. The patented Laminate Varimotion diaphragm accompanies the supercardiod polar pattern to provide high gain before feedback. AKG’s C5 condenser microphone capsule with a cardioid polar pattern is also compatible with DHT700.
The DPT 700 Bodypack transmitter accepts both microphone and line-level input signals with no need to adjust the input sensitivity. The TB3M audio input supports a broad range of headsets, lavalieres and instrument microphones. AKG’s battery life of eight hours of operation from two regular AA size batteries remains consistent in the DPT700 as with other AKG wireless systems.
wms 700 V2 at infocomm11
AKG’s CU 700 is a fast charger that rapidly charges the rechargeable batteries inside the transmitter without damaging the cells' elements. The microprocessor-controlled charger determines the optimum charge current and has a cooling fan to help keep the temperature of the cells in a controlled environment. Charging is terminated when both batteries are fully charged. The CU 700 charger uses the DC Pulse Technology in which a pulse is fed to the battery with a strictly controlled rise time, pulse width, pulse repetition rate and amplitude. With pulse charging, high instantaneous voltages can be applied without overheating the battery.
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