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Dynacord Xa-2 provides plug'n'play convenience

The Dynacord Xa-2 system consists of two FX12 tops, four FX20 sub-woofers and two Xa4000 system power amps. The fully horn-loaded system delivers the maximum possible on-axis sound pressure and sports flawless acoustic performance, robustness and reliability as well as handling comfort.The Xa-2 is designed ideal for a range of applications such as Top 40 bands, open air shows and mobile DJs.
The Xa-2's audio performance is achieved by neodymium drivers, constant Q horns and patented planar waveguides on the bass horns. The system is driven by Xa4000 class H and on-board 2-way power amplifiers. Voice-Coil-Tracking Protection circuits provide reliability.
The FX12 is a fully horn-loaded, coaxial 2-way high-power top that covers the frequency range from 100 Hz to 19 kHz with a maximum sound pressure level of 134 dB/1m. The sub-woofer FX20 features a planar waveguide bass horn to achive a frequency range from 30 Hz to 150 Hz with a maximum SPL of 132dB/1m. The power amplifie Xa4000 designed as a two-way power amplifier. Employing Class H technology, the Xa4000 is rated at 1100W in the SUB channel and 900W in the TOP (always into 4 ohms), measures 2U and weighs only 8,25 kilos.
Dynacord Xa-2
02/2005 Pro-Music-News
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