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Neumann presents the first digital shotgun microphone

Neumann received enthusiastic response to the presentation of the first digital shotgun microphone at IBC 2009. The acoustic properties of the KMR 81 D are based on those of its analogue counterpart which is a short shotgun microphone with a pickup angle of 90 degrees and almost frequency-independent off-axis damping.
The digital version has integrated Solution-D circuit technology which is already known from other Neumann microphones. The A/D converter is especifically designed for use with the capsule. The digital model also offers optional signal processing features which have proved to be very helpful, particularly in an electronic news gathering (ENG) environment. The fast peak/compressor limiter has been found to be exceptionally beneficial.
All settings are done by the Remote Control Software and eventually stored in the microphne, including the dynamics processor, filter settings and gain. During production, the preprogrammed KMR 81 D can then be connected directly to a field recorder with an appropriate AES 42 input.
The KMR 81 D can be combined with the KK 120 from the Neumann miniature microphone system, offering the option of a figure-eight directivity to obtain a compact, fully digital MS stereo configuration.
The KMR 81 D shown at IBC was a prototype, final product will be available from spring 2010. A portable version of the DMI Digital Microphone Interface powered by rechargeable batteries will also be available in 2010. Wolfgang Fraissinet, President of Marketing/Sales explains: “These two products will greatly facilitate the realization of a completely digital workflow and the utilization of associated advantages, even for users in the ENG and film audio areas.”
KMR 81 D combined with the KK 120 for MS Stereo
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