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Generalmusic launches X-Series sound modules

Generalmusic announced the launch of “X series” professional sound modules powered by DRAKE at Musikmesse Frankfurt 2006. DRAKE (Disp Risc Advanced Keyboard Engine) technology is acclaimed for its performances in the Promega and Realpiano Series pianos.
Drake’s power stems from its fully programmable DSP software architecture providing many types of generation algorithms, effects section and post processing including the exclusive physical models pioneered by GEM. The "X" line features different sophisticated, professional modules. Included In the initial line up will be the RP-X, specifically dedicated to the emulation of stunning acoustic pianos and vintage instruments. The “X Series” will also provide a GM module(GM2/GMX2)featuring a complete database of orchestral and synthesis sounds, engineered to offer the best sound quality thanks to the features of DRAKE.
The internal sound data base of every “X series” model is stored in a compressed format within 64MB of flash memory using GEM’s exclusive compression algorithms, expanded while the instrument is turned on and offering a vast range of sounds.
The “X Series” modules feature up to a maximum of 80 notes polyphony, 16 multi-timbral parts and up to 3 continuous post processors plus a final equalizer with loudness maximizer.
The user interface is easy to navigate and direct, with only a few buttons and clear functions. The “X Series” is completed by a custom PC editor that allows easy access to all the internal parameters.
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