Hartmann Music unveils Neuron synthesizer
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At winter NAMM 2002 German synthesizer company Hartmann entered the market with its Neuron synthesizer based on adaptive sound analysis technology. Neuron offers a new approach to creative sound generation combining intelligent analysis and synthesis based on neural networks with innovative user interface design. The result is a completely new type of synthesizer offering spectacular and unique sounds inside an easy-to-use instrument.
Neuron 's software allows the user to first analyze and then manipulate any sound source. Neuron automatically identifies a sound 's most distinctive components and converts them into individual parameter sets, creating and storing a 'model' emulating the original sound. This model can be instantly recalled and played.
Neuron Neuronal Synthesizer
Hartmann President and co-founder Axel Hartmann:"For more than 15 years musicians had to wait for a really new and thrilling synthesizer. Now the wait is over. The era of sample-based workstations and virtual analog modeling synths has dragged on far too long. Neuron is an entirely new type of instrument based on our proprietary technology called 'Neuronal Synthesis '. Musicians will experience a whole new universe of sounds impossible to create with any other instrument available today."
Despite its power, Neuron 's user interface is both intuitive and easy-to-use. Custom designed controls like the new graphic supported stick controllers and rotary encoder wheels provide accurate and smooth control over each parameter. A flexible modulation engine and full parameter automation allow for dynamic editing and realtime recording of parameter changes. In addition, 13 alphanumeric displays provide instant feedback over the current status of the instrument.
Sounds originate in two so-called resynators, each of which generates a sound based on the models stored on Neuron 's internal hard drive. Using the Blender function, these two models can be mixed and merged in a variety of different ways, creating new sounds based on the individual models. For example, a three-dimensional imprint of one model can be used to manipulate the spectrum of another model. The possibilities are virtually unlimited. Sounds can be filtered and processed in many different ways. Neuron also features full 5.1 surround panning and processing capabilities.
Neuron uses a powerful DSP engine with 64-bit floating point precision and a 32-bit signal path, as well as 256 megabytes of RAM. A 10 GB internal hard drive holds factory-programmed and user-defined neural synthesis models. Internal memory consists of 200 sound and 200 setup memory locations, including a convenient snapshot function. External backup storage devices (such as CD-writers, hard drives and memory sticks) can be connected via USB interface. Depending on the structure of the chosen neural synthesis model, Neuron offers 16-48 voice polyphony. Its six audio outputs can be flexibly configured, from 6x mono to 5.1 surround. The 5-octave semi-weighted keyboard offers velocity control and channel aftertouch.
Stephan M.Sprenger, Neuron DSP software designer and mastermind behind Neuron 's synthesis technology:"This instrument represents a novel approach to sound synthesis. For the first time ever, the flexibility of our audio rendering technology is combined with neural model extraction, built into a powerful stand-alone synthesizer. Still, everything is realtime controllable thanks to the extremely powerful processing hardware we 're using."
The Neuron Neuronal Synthesizer will ship this spring to selected retailers worldwide at a suggested retail price of USD 4,990.00 (EUR 4.890,00).
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