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Roland expands the 'V legacy' by introducing the V-Piano at winter NAMM 2009

Since 1972, Roland has pioneered many groundbreaking technologies and “world’s first” products. In recent decades, the V- series of Roland instruments has gained a lot of respect: V-Accordion, V-Bass, V-Drums, V-Guitar, and V-Synth. At Winter NAMM show 2009, Roland opened the next chapter in the V legacy - the V-Piano.
The V-Piano introduces the “living” piano core, allowing every note to respond and evolve naturally and seamlessly without requiring samples. With the V-Piano, there is no velocity switching, and it provides a smooth, natural decay. With the V-Piano, you can choose from vintage grand-piano presets or you can create your own custom dream collection by varying the hardness of the virtual hammer felts or experimenting with exotic string configurations and tunings.
The most demanding pianist should appreciate the V-Piano’s 88-key PHA-III Ivory Feel keyboard with Escapement. This keyboard technology reproduces the real feel of ivory for the natural keys and ebony for the sharps, and provides grand-piano touch and response. Even the subtle click feel when the “hammer” is released from the key (escapement) is reproduced.
High technology doesn’t have to equate to high complexity for the pianist. With its clean control panel and logically designed user interface, the V-Piano is fast and friendly to navigate. Even deep-level editing is easy to access and understand.
The V-Piano features analogue (XLR and 1/4”) outputs, digital output (coaxial), USB Memory port and MIDI I/O.
Roland V-Piano
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