Clavia launches Nord Modular Generation 2

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First announced at Musikmesse Frankfurt 2003, the new Nord Modular G2 platform is available now. With the Nord Modular G2, Clavia introduces an innovative hardware platform with focus on live performance features. G2 includes new powerful synthesizer building blocks which can be edited by the Modular G2 Patch Editor software.
The G2 offers fully assignable modulation wheel, pitch stick and rotary encoders to turn, bend and tweak. The 4 separate LCD displays on the front panel give an overview on your patch creation. The G2 offers features like rotary encoders with circular LED graphs, programmable parameter pages, patch yariations and performance mode. The Morph capabilities on the G2 offer endless sonic variations. The G2's 8 Morph groups per patch let you control sets of parameters from single internal control sources and via MIDI.
4 analogue audio inputs including an XLR mic input with built-in amplifier give you plenty of room for inserting external signals and patch them.
The Modular G2 Patch Editor for Windows PC is easy to work with. The logical architecture and visual overview, including user-defined coloring of modules and color-coded module groups, make it easy to patch and "lay out" sounds. Thanks to the real-time USB communication, the G2 immediately responds to your patching and follows your moves. Adapting their bandwidth to the patched signals, most of the modules are self-optimizing. The Modular G2 patch editor comes with more than 150 modules ready to be patched and explored including oscillators, filters, envelopes, vocoder, physical modelling, reverb, delay, frequency shifter, pitch tracker, sequencers, LFOs, MIDI modules and more.
Clavia Modular G2
The Nord Modular G2 will also be available as a 19", 1 U, rack mountable synthesizer - the Nord Modular G2 Engine. It comes without the hardware user interface, pedal and mic inputs. The rack model will start shipping in January 2004..
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