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GEM PS1600 Ensemble Piano with hammer action keyboard

Gem Style Piano PS1600 Generalmusic's GEM PS1600 Ensemble Piano comes in an elegant high gloss Ebony or simulated Rosewood finish. With its sliding key cover the PS1600 will match any environment. The 88 note fully weighted hammer action features three touch settings to provide expressive control.
Generalmusic’s team of sound engineers have compiled a library of orchestral and percussion sounds including guitars, brass, string, organ and woodwinds to impress the most demanding musician. Performance modes are “Full” (the sound is extended across the entire keyboard), “Layer” (two sounds together); “Dual” (two sounds on a split keyboard). The internal effects processor provides digital reverbs and chorus effects.
Introduced with the acknowledged Genesys Ensemble, the PS1600's library comprises 100 musical styles, each with individual intro, end and one variation. Five tracks (Drums, Bass, Acc.1, Acc.2, Acc.3) provide a musically advanced accompaniment from either a chord or single finger played in the bass register.
384 One Touch Settings provide an instant setup for almost every genre of music. 64-note polyphony and 16 parts multi-timber along with General MIDI compatibly allow playback of MIDI files from floppy disk. Your own personal recordings can also be stored on a standard floppy disk. Direct from disk access provides undelayed playback of MIDI files.
The large backlit display provides a visual guide to the instrument's advanced features and editing functions. For educational benefits, the Melody and Bass notation is also displayed in real time.
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