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Korg introduces SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano and MicroSAMPLER keyboard

At 127th AES convention in New York, Korg exhibited a wide range of products including the new SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano, the microSAMPLER Compact Sampling Keyboard, the Wavedrum Digital Percussion Synthesizer, the MR-1000 1-Bit Professional Mobile Recorder and the MR-2000S Studio Recorder. All these products again were highlighted at Winter NAMM Show 2010, Anaheim,
The new SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano offers a complete compendium of hit-making vintage electric pianos, funky clavs, classic and cult-fave organs, string machines, analogue/digital electronic contenders and acoustic pianos. Available in lightweight 73-key and 88-key models, the SV-1 features Korg’s premium RH3 Real Graded Hammer Action for a solid, expressive feel. Aesthetically, the SV-1 recreates the look, feel and satisfaction of performing on a vintage instrument. The SV-1 also re-creates the effect pedals and studio processing that gave these sounds their original character. In addition, the proven, tube-driven (12AX7) Valve Reactor circuit combines with period-accurate amplifier modeling to deliver the warmth, bite and snarl that brings these sounds to life.
Korg’s new microSAMPLER Compact Sampling Keyboard, complete with a gooseneck microphone and easy-to-read display, provides a fast and easy way to integrate creative audio sampling into any musical scenario. Standing apart from pad- or button-based groove samplers, the microSAMPLER offers a more musical approach to sampling by allowing individual samples to be freely assigned and played chromatically up and down its 37 natural touch keys. Five sampling modes are provided, including One-Show, Loop, Gate, Auto Next and Key Gate. Also included is a time stretch function, essential editing tools and dozens of preset sounds and effects, as well as proprietary Editor/Librarian software.
Korg SV-1
The original Korg Wavedrum was introduced to the music world back in 1994. This musical instrument was instantly famous for its innovative design, performance possibilities and unique sounds. Now Korg announce the affordable, next-generation Wavedrum Digital Percussion Synthesizer. It can be used as a stand-alone percussion instrument, or integrated into an existing drum kit or percussion rig. Unlike digital trigger-based systems, it incorporates a real drumhead, allowing the performer to employ sticks, brushes, mallets and/or traditional hand-drum techniques, and its velocity sensitive rim adds further musical possibilities and playability. By combining 36 advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processing) synthesis algorithms with 200 PCM samples (100 for the head, 100 for the rim), Wavedrum provides a wide palette of sounds, ranging from traditional drum and percussion instruments to complex synthetic tones and sound effects, including several exotic and rare instruments. Any of the 100 preset sounds can be deeply edited and saved to 100 user locations. A live mode keeps 12 favorite programs available for seamless live performance.
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