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Eventide unleash Octavox eight-voice harmonizer plug-in

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At 115th AES Eventide introduced the Octavox harmonizer diatonic pitch shifter plug-in for Digidesign's Pro Tools TDM platform. As the first ever Eventide harmonizer eight voice diatonic pitch shifter plug-in, the Octavox allows users to create anything from stacked harmonies and subtle, wide choirs to musical rhythmic sequences.
According to Ray Maxwell, vice president of sales and marketing at Eventide, the Octavox will provide users of Pro Tools TDM v 5.1.3 and greater with unprecedented creative power and flexibility when working on their projects. "The Octavox is a groundbreaking development for lovers of the harmonizer hardware pitch shifter now working in the TDM environment," said Maxwell. "We based Octavox on the multi-voice pitch shifter from our flagship processor, Orville. The ability to have eight voices of diatonic pitch shifting in a software plug-in brings new power to that creative platform. Add to that, significant delays for each voice, and we have established the new benchmark for multi-voice, diatonic pitch shifting on the desktop."
The graphical interface not only gives access to the pitch shifting capabilities of Octavox, but also provides musical control of the pitch and delays using the Notation Grid. This "notation meets step sequencer" presents pitches on a traditional music staff with quantized grids superimposed for placing notes over time. Snapshots can be used to instantly rearrange the entire sequence.
All of the tools required to load, edit and save a preset are available from within the single GUI. While the ProTools' Save, Recall, and MIDI software interfaces are ingeniously incorporated, the 16 snapshots offer the user another quick and intuitive way of storing and recalling presets.
Instrument presets quickly configure the pitch recognition parameters to be ideal for a given instrument. A randomizer is included for modulation, which can be used to simulate the natural character of eight individual sound sources.
Screenshot of Ocatavox
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