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Softube with improved CPU performance and AAX 64 bit support

Softube's plug-ins version 2.0 does not only entail support for AAX 64 bit across the entire product line, all plug-ins have been completely redone from the ground up utilising the latest CPU techniques available, and most of them show a vastly improved CPU performance for all plug-in formats. Upgrade is free to current Softube users.
Pro Tools 11 users are pleased to hear that Softube's plug-ins are now available in AAX 64 bit versions and fully compatible with Pro Tools 11.
One of Softube's most popular plug-ins, Tube-Tech Classic Channel, now has a decreased CPU usage of circa 50% – meaning you can use almost twice as many instances as you could before at the same load of your computer's processor. Summit Audio Grand Channel shows a circa 40% decrease while Vintage Amp Room, Bass Amp Room, Valley People Dyna-mite and Trident A-Range typically use 25-35% less CPU power compared to the previous versions. These examples are all for using the plug-ins in stereo and at 44.1 kHz sample rate.
Softube Plug-in with Pro Tools 11
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