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FL Studio version 5

FL Studio (formerly Fruityloops), Image-Line's all in one software production suite for PC, has made another big step by moving to version 5.
Here is a list of what is new or improved in FL Studio version 5:
Time-Stretching in Audio Tracks, Slicer and Sampler. Based on the highly acclaimed ZPlane Elastique time-stretching technology, FL Studio now offers Tonal, drums, slices and resample time-stretching
Automation Clips & Improved Audio Clips allow multipoint spline-based and LFO based automation envelopes
Improved Recording & loop recording
New plugins include self-contained drum machine plugin FPC, graph based distortion WaveShaper with super sampling, synchronized playback of video and flash content inside FL Studio.
Improved Plugins are Sytrus (adds global envelopes, new curve types), Fruity Slicer (supports the new slicing engine, .rex files & time stretching capabilities), Granulizer (vastly improved supporting transients, new key-to modes) and DrumSynth Live which now supports up to 120 patches at once.
Other new features comprise Tempo Tapping, support for slice markers and MP3 loading.
A new FL Studio XXL Box edition is available.
12/2004 pro-music-news
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