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Hartmann launches software version of the Neuron synthesizer

Hartmann will be shipping the Neuron VS Software Synthesizer from September 2004. Neuron VS is a PC and MAC compatible application. The software package includes Nuke, an ergonomic hardware controller, builtd of steady aluminium and attachable to the computer via the USB connector. Nuke is not only the controller for the software - being a clever dongle solution, it also protects Neuron VS from software piracy.
Neuron VS is basically built on the same soundengine as the Neuron Hardware Synthesizer. It features a sophisticated graphical user interface that smoothly interacts with the hardware controllerbox.
Neuron VS includes 2 Resynators, the Blender module, The Mod- and Slicer Module, a Silver Unit (Multimode Filter plus Time and Frequency Effectunit), and 7 ADSR Shapers. Modelmaker, Surroundcapabilities, 4 levels / 4 times Shapers, high-end Delay and Reverb of the hardware Neuron are not included.
Neuron VS ships with more than 300 sounds and over 200 Models. Its sound and soundshaping capabilities are close to the Neuron Keyboard synthesizer. Aiming at musicians looking for an affordable Neuron, the Neuron VS also provides integration of the Neuron capabilities into a virtual studio setup.
08/2004 pro-music-news
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