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Roger Nichols Digital launches Detailer mastering tool at Namm

Roger Nichols Digital will unveil Detailer at winter Namm show 2007, hall E, booth 1003. Detailer is the first RND plug-in to be developed specifically by Roger Nichols, using his in-session experience across literally hundreds of projects. Having worked with the crème de la crème of the world's most successful artists - and picking up seven Grammy Awards in the process - Roger Nichols knows of what he speaks. His proven hands-on experience is now offered to all DAW users in this plug-in, available in Universal Binary RTAS, VST, AU for Mac OSX plus RTAS and VST for Windows.
Roger Nichols Digital is an innovator of plug-ins and applications designed to streamline the creative day-to-day operations of recording and production engineers, producers and musicians involved in all aspects of sound creation using Digidesign's industry-standard Pro Tools Series of digital audio workstations.
Detailer - originally codenamed "Bitchin-izer" - is a stereo mastering tool or a final mix plug-in for a DAW's master fader. Detailer offers a new way of increasing the "detail" or clarity in a final mix while still allowing increased loudness. The process involves a combination of a three-band limiter and dynamic widening using psycho-acoustic processing. Roger Nichols has fine tuned the process so that you can produce the most effective result with the least amount of adjustment.
Detailer splits the incoming signal into three frequency bands that are each processed independently. Great care has been taken to eliminate phase shifts at the crossover points. Once the signal processing is complete, the three bands are recombined into a full frequency band signal.
Detailer uses spectral harmonic detection and intelligent parameter adjustment to apply its dynamic-widening processes only where and when they are useful.
Using the advanced limiting algorithms from RND's highly acclaimed Finis plug-in ensures maximum audio levels - if that's needed - while preserving audio dynamics.
A comprehensive set of meters lets you adjust Detailer settings to match the specific characteristics of your audio signals. "With my name on the box, you know that you're getting power, density and all of the signal-processing tricks that I have been employing as a successful session engineer and producer," Roger Nichols confides. "I want plug-ins that will bring sparkle and focus to my project, and now I can make them available to everyone else."
Nichols has been designing DSP software for his personal use since 1981. These powerful devices have been used to great effect on countless albums and mastering projects with such artists as Steely Dan, Al DiMeola and Bela Fleck. "It is now time to make these plug-ins available to the ever-expanding universe of DAW-based mixing and mastering," he confides. "RND is fully committed to plug-in development."
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