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Adam Audio's AX series of active monitors features X-ART ribbon tweeter

Following Adam’s A- and SX-Series monitor systems and featuring the X-ART ribbon tweeter, Adam Audio launches the AX Series at prolight+sound 2010, Frankfurt. Stand 6.1C51. The series includes four systems, ranging from the ultra-compact and fully professional A3X, to the high performance A5X, A7X and A8X systems.
Adam Auduo AX5The X-ART tweeter is more efficient and handles higher sound pressure levels along with a frequency response up to 50kHz. All AX-Series woofers and amplifiers have also been reengineered from scratch, with larger voice-coils and more powerful amplifiers for greater linear excursion and more output. The redesigned cabinets all feature twin bass reflex ports.
The small A3X is ideal for applications where space is limited such as desktop and other home monitoring situations. Designed to provide exceptional imaging and accuracy from a compact cabinet (9.9”H x 5.9”W x 7.2”D). , the A3X is equipped with the X-ART tweeter, a 4.5” mid/low frequency driver with a very light but stiff carbon fiber diaphragm, and two highly efficient 25-watt amplifiers to power each driver.
As with other AX-Series speakers, the A3X also features Stereolink, a pair of additional RCA connectors allowing the user to connect both speakers with a single cable so that the volume for both speakers can be controlled from the gain control of either speaker.
The popular A5 is reborn as the A5X (pictured left) with the X-ART tweeter, a 5.5” mid/woofer to reproduce frequencies below 2.5kHz and twice the power. The speaker diaphragm is made from rigid and lightweight Carbon/Rohacell/Glass, which prevents break up resonances and produces a dynamic sound. Two 50W amps drive each of the speakers directly and the speakers feature 110dB max peak SPL per pair. Like other AX systems, XLR and RCA connectors are provided.
Succeeding the acclaimed A7 is the A7X. It features the X-ART tweeter as well as a newly designed 7” mid/woofer with a larger 1.5” voice coil. A 50W A/B amp drives the X-ART tweeter, while a leading edge 100W Pulse Width Modulation amp drives the mid/woofer. The front panel includes a power switch and a control for the volume that retains the volume setting independently from the on/off switch. The rear panel offers a gain control for the high frequencies (± 4dB) and two shelf filters for high and low frequencies. To ensure greater compatibility, there are both XLR (balanced) and RCA (unbalanced) connectors.
The A8X combines the X-ART tweeter and an 8.5” carbon/Rohacell/fiberglass mid/woofer to produce a very deep yet exceptionally tight bass response. Like the other AX-Series models, the upper corners of the A8X are beveled to minimize reflections. The large, double bass reflex tubes on the front have been specifically designed to match the mid/woofer and its large voice coil. With a 50W amplifier for the tweeter and a 150W amplifier for the mid/woofer, the A8X is the most powerful model of the AX series. Other features include a tweeter gain control and 2 shelf filters on the rear panel, an expansive frequency response of 38Hz - 50kHz, XLR & RCA connectors, 120dB max peak SPL per pair.
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