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G3 Disc Publisher for fast and cost-effective CD production

Jordan Rudess with his G3 Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess has upgraded his studio with the installation of Microboards Technology's new G3 Disc Publisher. Rudess has released ten solo CDs, and appears on over 40 other recordings by numerous other artists, as well as six Dream Theater studio CDs and three Dream Theater Live CDs and DVDs. He will incorporate his Microboards Technology G3 Disc Publisher in the production of his next solo project, scheduled for release in 2011. In addition, Rudess will be burning his next, and other future music projects, to JVC Watershield blank CD-R Media, which are, in his experience, considered to provide the very best performance in recordability, durability, playability and long-life.
Not only is Jordan Rudess recognized as a prodigal band member with one of America’s most venerable major label hard rock recording acts, but for over 15 years, his independent solo projects and career continues to evolve and prosper through his implementation of savvy DIY methodologies and cutting-edge technologies. While his extensive home recording studio is replete with the best instruments and equipment to create and record music, a turn-key system to replicate and print large quantities of CDs was the next logical step for him to drive down production costs, have greater control of his burgeoning independent music label, Wizdom Music, and deliver a superior product to fans.
The G3’s sleek 50-disc input and fully enclosed output bin, all in a compact footprint, allows Jordan’s disc production to take place quickly, quietly and transparently. Rudess has also produced several educational DVD titles and will rely on the DVD and optional Blu-Ray-capable Microboards Technology G3 Disc Publisher for these future productions, as well.
The cost effectiveness of the ‘set-and-forget’ G3 Disc Publisher, which burns, as well as prints millions of colors direct to the water and scratch-resistant glossy finish of, the JVC Watershield discs, at approximately one disc per minute in CD-mode, reduces the cost-per-finished disc down to under fifty cents (US) each.
Aaron Pratt, Microboards Technology’s Marketing Director, states, “When you burn a CD and either it doesn’t play or ceases to play after only a few months, that’s bad for your art. Recordability with a very low error rate and almost infinite playability are where the JVC Watershield CD-R Media shines. And because the visual appeal of a finely printed disc is a large part of the art, the G3’s stunning 4800 dpi HP inkjet printing capabilities, especially onto the JVC Watershield’s resilient white or silver surface, makes for an attractive package.”
Rudess states, “The recording industry was revolutionized when it became cost effective to put personal recording studios in your home. The Microboards Technology G3 Disc Publisher is the next logical stage of the recording industry’s evolution. The G3 is a high-quality, cost-effective tool that produces finished product quickly, efficiently and, most of all, inexpensively, but at the professional level of a major label.”
CD-R discs are 'pre-sealed'. With industrially manufactured discs, the data is physically pressed in to the surface before it is sealed. With CD-Rs, the data is burned optically in to the dye layer - which is already sealed inside of plastic. The laser passes through the plastic surface without affecting it, inscribes the information in to the dye, and is reflected back out.
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