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D.W. Fearn launches 70dB VT-12 microphone preamp

Renowned valve audio developer D.W. Fearn launches the 70dB VT-12 vacuum tube microphone preamplifier at 129th AES Convention in San Francisco’s Moscone Center, booth #620.
Derived from D.W.Fearn’s existing VT-1 and VT-2 which are optimised for condenser microphones the D.W.Fearn 70 dB VT-12 Vacuum Tube Microphone Pre-amp is designed to accommodate the low output level of ribbon and dynamic microphones. It can still be used with condenser microphones.
To make the VT-12 more versatile, a provision for phantom powering condenser microphones is included. But since many engineers are concerned about possible damage to ribbon mics if phantom power is accidentally applied, the VT-12 has a rear panel switch that disables all possibility of applying phantom power.
D.W. Fearn founder – Douglas Fearn comments: "Ribbon microphones have made a well-deserved comeback in the recording world, and the VT-12 has the gain required to use any ribbon microphone and still have the classic musicality our designs are known for. The design is based on our popular VT-2 mic preamp, using the same sonic philosophy. The sound of the VT-12 fits right into the D.W. Fearn family of products."
D.W. Fearn launches the 70dB VT-12 vacuum tube microphone preamp
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