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Otari debuts networkable digital audio products
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Otari has chosen the AES Show in Amsterdam to introduce the new Network Series of digital audio products. Based on their experience and R&D in digital audio, the new product family was designed to provide a group of digital audio products that furnish connectivity and advanced networking capability in modern recording environments.

The ND-20 fibre optical network audio distribution System

The ND-20 is an audio distribution system which provides a 96 kHz networking solution for audio signals. By connecting multiple ND-20 units through an IEEE 1394/mLan network, audio can be distributed via the fibre optical network in different signal formats. Superior analogue electronics, built-in sample-rate conversion, and the ability to use multiple sample rates make the ND-20 a complete solution for connecting and networking digital and analogue audio. Each ND-20 rack has up to 32-channel capacity for analogue or digital inputs and outputs and provides four slots for different 8-channel I/O cards. The I/O cards include mic inputs (remotely controlled), line in- and outputs, and AES Input/Output. All I/O are capable of sample-rates up to 96 kHz, plus pull-down rates. MADI and TDIF I/O formats will be available in near future. The system can be remotely  controlled by the CB-178 dedicated remote controller or by external computer "Routing Software". Up to 16 ND-20 units can be connected to provide an audio network capable of up to 96 channels. Moreover, as higher IEEE 1394 transmission rates become available in near future, the network will be able to handle more than 200 channels of audio.

Otari ND 20  fibre optical network audio distribution system

FS-96 format and sample-rate converter

The new FS-96 format and sample rate converter is Otari's solution to the challenges of multi-track digital audio interfacing. The FS-96 makes multi-track transfers between different digital audio platforms fast and simple. It supports all of the common formats, including AES3 (AES/EBU), TDIF-1, ADAT (optical) and SDIF-2, with optional MADI and IEEE1394 for future networking capability. The FS-96 converts up to 24 channels of 24-bit audio at sample rates up to 24-bit/96kHz. A built-in digital router makes track assignment easy, and offers 10 pre-set routing maps. Simple arrow keys provide access to all functions. Multiple units can be linked with sample accurate synchronization for transfers requiring more than 24 channels. In addition, the FS-96 also converts sample rates from 32kHz to 96kHz and bit rates from 16-bit to 24-bit and vice versa. The FS-96 automatically detects the incoming format and sample rate, while making the output signal available to all supported formats.

Otari FS-96 format and sample-rate converter

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