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TL Audio launch Fat Track tube production suite at 123rd AES

Designed to be the centerpiece of any home, project or semi-professional studio, the Fat Track tube production suite was launched at 123rd AES, along with the Ebony series of discrete Class A processors. The Fat Track is a complete solution for tracking, summing and monitoring. Use the Fat Track to capture your recordings with premium TL Audio tube preamps and 3 band swept EQ, or use for mix down and summing with up to four stereo and two mono returns.
The Fat Track suite offers fully featured master and monitor section with alternative loudspeaker mode, two headphone outputs with level control, effects return, balanced insert on stereo bus and channels, tape out, and I/O switchable between +4 / -10. All connectors are handily placed at the rear top of the unit for quick, easy cable changes and the unit can also be fitted with the TL Audio DO-8 ADAT interface for easy digital connectivity.
Designed for the producer, musician, singer/songwriter, engineer or general enthusiast, this product caters for every requirement, is easy to use and produces professional results.
The Ebony Series is a sleek looking range of audio processors consisting of three units, all of which use discrete Class A circuitry and have an optional tube stage with variable drive putting you in control of how ‘creamy’ or how ‘cool’ your unit sounds. Hand assembled in England to the highest standards, the Ebony uses stylish, quality chrome knobs together with a high gloss black finish to make the exterior look just as smooth as the circuits sound. The Ebony Series features' include balanced I/O, multi input options, analogue VU metering and intuitive, precise controls. All units are also compatible with the TL Audio DO-2 digital SPDIF interface for easy digital connectivity with high quality conversion.
Ebony series by TL Audio
Fat Track tube production suite by TL Audio
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