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Yamaha and Steinberg join forces for flagship audio post-production system

The Inter BEE 2012 trade show, Tokyo, saw the launch of Nuage, a new flagship audio post-production system from Yamaha and Steinberg. A truly integrated solution, Nuage seamlessly marries dedicated Yamaha control and interface hardware with a new version of Steinberg’s Nuendo DAW software, Nuendo 6, to provide unprecedented creativity for professionals in the broadcast, advertising, film and games industries.
Nuage audio post-production system by Yamaha and Steinberg
Nuage components communicate with each other and up to three DAWs via Dante networking. A low latency, PCIe Dante audio interface card (for Mac or PC) delivers up to 128 simultaneous, bi-directional channels at 192kHz or 256 at up to 96kHz. As well as making it very straightforward to create custom configurations to match any application, the digital network means that premium audio quality is maintained throughout.
Nuage hardware is modular, providing maximum flexibility for all applications. Components include Nuage Fader control surfaces which align with the system’s LCD monitor displays to provide super-smooth visual continuity with the Nuendo mixing window; a Nuage Master control unit featuring everything needed for Nuendo editing and session management in efficient user configuration; Nuage Workspace units that can be used to integrate third party hardware and/or facility-specific custom options; three Nuage I/O units providing 16 analogue I/O,16 AES/EBU I/O or eight digital and eight analogue; and a PCIe Dante Accelerator card that provides extra low latency, multi-channel audio data transfer capability with redundancy.
“Nuage delivers the ultimate combination of advanced DAW technology, intuitive interface design, flexibility and reliability,” says Nick Cook, European Marketing Director, Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems Europe. “We believe it is a new milestone in post-production technology. It throws the gauntlet down to the industry, demonstrating that Yamaha and Steinberg are determined to become bywords for excellence in audio post-production.”
“The Nuage system is the quintessence of merging dedicated post-production software and hardware seamlessly together into one complete studio environment,” says Steinberg Managing Director Andreas Stelling. “With the Nuage console and Nuendo 6 representing the most sophisticated platform for audio post-production available today, we are delighted to offer existing and new customers a unique approach to achieving higher levels of productivity and quality.”
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