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Nuendo 2.1 at 115th AES - Cubase SX 2.01 update released

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Steinberg's software audio products Nuendo and Cubase SX have enjoyed an unprecedented at 115th AES Convention in New York. The overwhelming response to Nuendo 2.1 which now includes all functionality from Steinberg's renowned Cubase SX music production software has confirmed Steinberg's reputation leading audio software brand. Cubase SX has reached version 2.01.
The 115th AES Convention in New York was the most successful trade show Steinberg has ever experienced. Steinberg announced support for one of the world's most common surround delivery standards with the new Nuendo DTS Encoder, a DTS-certified plug-in. For those on a tighter budget, Nuendo also includes support for Microsoft's WMA Pro standard, offering pristine export in what is fast becoming one of the most attractive surround formats around.
Nuendo 2.1 being displayed linked to a Euphonix System 5 mixing console, Steinberg and Euphonix showed the continuity of their long-term cooperation. Supporting the industry standard Yamaha 02R96 and next-generation DM1000 and DM2000 digital mixers, Nuendo 2.1 is a digital audio workstation to offer comprehensive support for some of the most advanced digital hardware mixing environments available.
"The reception for the Nuendo Media Production System with the Nuendo 2.1 software among the top names in the industry has been phenomenal," reports Hardware Product Manager Martin Stahl. "Nuendo has been one of the highlights of this AES."

Cubase SX updated

"We're overwhelmed with the fantastic response to Cubase SX 2.01," said Arnd Kaiser, Senior Product Manager Music Technology. "This really is a stunning piece of software and with more than 100 new features this version step is even bigger than the last from VST to SX. Cubase VST 5 users and those cross grading from other software platforms have been especially appreciative. It takes music production to a new level of creativity. We're currently working on exciting new solutions that will make music production an even more inspiring experience."
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