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Martinsound introduces TMH qualified MAX products
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Martinsound is now licensed by TMH Corporation to produce and market a series of easy-to-use, high performance surround production building blocks designed and engineered by surround sound pioneer, Tomlinson Holman. Previously available as TMH's MAPS series, the products will now be marketed and sold worldwide as the newest members of Martinsound's existing MAX Series of surround monitoring and production solutions. Martinsound and TMH will work together to assure that the products comply with the TMH Qualified Standard for performance, function and quality.
"We are dedicated to helping our customers transition from a stereo to a surround world," states Martinsound president, Joe Martinson. "Our association with Tomlinson Holman, chief architect of the TMH Qualified Standards, and his business partner Friederich Koenig, founder of the International Alliance for Multichannel Music (IAMM), has been very rewarding. Their tireless pursuit to define quality audio and deliver it to the widest audience possible is a perfect match to the goals and objectives of Martinsound, and we look forward to working together to further advance high performance surround audio."
"These products are results of many years of planning and research on the best ways to initialize the surround infrastructure needed to produce commercial surround software with ease," says Friederich Koenig. "It's good to see the industry now developing worldwide. Martinsound's proven commitment to quality surround and their reach into the global marketplace made them a natural choice to expand the availability of these enabling products."
The new Martinsound TMH Qualified products, including the ManagerMAX Surround Bass Manager, FilterMAX Surround LFE Filter, MicroPannerMAX 5-Channel Surround Panner, BalancerMAX Surround Systems Interface and Test Tapes, provide studios making the transition from stereo to surround with a range of crucial components for the 5.1 production chain. Designed to secure any studio's surround future by augmenting current stereo mixing and monitoring systems, MAX solutions maximize the value of existing production equipment through the addition of multichannel capabilities.
Tomlinson Holman's distinguished career in audio, video and film spans over 33 years, during which he has been awarded numerous U.S. and corresponding foreign patents that have been licensed to over 45 companies. He and computer engineer Friederich Koenig founded TMH Corporation in 1995 to develop the next 20 years of entertainment technology. TMH conducts research and licenses technology to companies who market products that conform to the rigorous demands of the TMH Qualified Standards.
Martinsound has been a leader in the professional audio industry since 1975. Significant milestones include the company's beginning and continuation as a successful recording studio, development of the Flying Faders console automation system, as well as today's Martech MSS-10 microphone preamplifier and innovative line of MAX surround sound solutions.
The Martinsound TMH Qualified Series of MAX products will make their debut at the NAMM Winter Show 2002, booth #6288, hall A.
MAX sereies expanded with TMH designed products
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