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Micron series expands at AES Munich

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Audio Engineering, the UK-based designer and manufacturer of Micron wireless microphone and communications systems, is launching the MDR762 - a rack-mounting dual-diversity UHF receiver system - on stand no. 3A19 at the 112th AES Convention. Part of the Micron 700 Series, the new MDR762 is designed as a digital-television compatible solution, for television studio, OB and conference venue applications. It combines two independent audio channels into a single 1U rack, with each channel's diversity receiver switchable across 100 frequencies.
Micron MDR762Available with a RF switching bandwidth of up to 32MHz, the mains-powered and frequency-synthesised Micron MDR762 features transformer-balanced outputs, selectable for mic or line level, and is fitted with front-panel headphone monitoring. Extensive LED displays for each channel allow audio and RF levels to be individually monitored, and also warn of low-battery conditions in remote Micron 700 Series transmitters, while separate LED indicators continuously display the selected frequency. Frequencies are selected for each channel via front-panel pre-sets, utilising the same method as other products in the Micron 700 Series and ensuring operator familiarity throughout the range.
Data ports are also provided on the MDR762, enabling external programming of any 100-frequency sets within the system's tuning bandwidth, giving distributors and broadcast organisations additional flexibility. The data ports also allow the system's operating frequencies to be programmed remotely. The range of the user-tunable RF bandwidth, combined with the system's 100-frequency capability, ensures that the MDR762 represents a future-proof, DTV-compatible solution.
Numerous other systems in the Micron 700 Series will also be demonstrated at AES Munich, encompassing camera-mounted ENG, single- and multiple-channel location sound recording and EFP, plus OB and television studio systems.
The small Micron portable units - TX700 Belt-Pack Transmitter, SDR770 Small Diversity Receiver and MR700 Monitoring Receiver - are built into tough but lightweight aluminium cases, manufactured from a high-strength one-piece extrusion with a rugged anodised finish.
Available with a choice of switching bandwidths to suit individual applications, and with up to 100 frequencies, the Micron 700 Series also includes a 32-frequency entry-level system - comprising a matching TX700 transmitter and SDR770 receiver.
Audio Engineering also designs and manufactures specialist antenna distribution and combining systems, together with a range of wireless monitoring equipment that offers a particularly wide audio bandwidth for high intelligibility.
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