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Behringer introduces next generation of its Truth self-powered monitors

Originally launched in 2000, Behringer audio engineers have released the next generation of the classic Truth B2031A active studio monitor at prolight + sound show 2009, Frankfurt. Equipped with a high resolution 2" velocity ribbon tweeter and a long-throw 8 ¾" Kevlar-coned woofer, the B3031A promises enhanced accuracy in studio monitoring.
Proprietary wave-guide technology optimizes high-frequency dispersion, providing a wide sweet-spot. Onboard electronics include balanced XLR and ¼” inputs, extensive room-tailoring acoustical response and subwoofer options, an active 4th order Linkwitz-Riley crossover network, and dedicated low- and high-frequency amplifiers with individually controlled limiters for transducer protection.
Each matched B3031A pair is individually calibrated and certified and includes a serialized frequency response plot. Magnetic shielding allows for placement near computer monitors. The automatic stand by mode is defeatable.
Next generation of active Behringer Truth studio monitors
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